Marine Surveying


Cargo and Ship Damage Survey

Damage Surveys  to investigate and clarify the nature, cause, and extent of damages to the ship or the cargo, estimate the loss, advice on actions to be undertaken

Used to establish the nature, cause, and extent of damage following unforeseen or unexpected incidents such as collisions, fire, machinery damage or extreme weather events.


Damage may happen to the ships, cargo, or the environment when an accident or incident occurs, we may be called to investigate the casualty on behalf of any of the involved parties, in order to investigate and clarify the nature, cause, and extension of damages.

We have high technical skills and extensive seagoing experience, training, and certifications to carry out damage surveys and establish the cause and nature of the damage. 


We will provide credible damage reports documented with evidence and pictures in accordance with the highest professional standards and using our combined marine engineering and naval architecture skills and capabilities, with estimation of the quantum of loss, advice on primary actions to be undertaken, providing recommendations on actions to mitigate the subject loss as well as potential future similar losses, assist with coordinating repairs, collect and review relevant documents and supervise and monitor repairs to completion.


Consult Maritime LLC provides integrated technical and management services backed by arrays of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering capabilities for the commercial shipping, offshore oil & gas, recreational and legal sectors. 



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