Marine Surveys, Audits and Inspections by Consult Maritime




Supporting the maritime industry with cost-effective, and genuinely impartial assessments of a vessel's condition.


We are Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI) to conduct eCMID and eMISW audits on small workboats and offshore vessels using the eCMID database for clear reporting to operator and charterer alike.

Vessel and Marine Assurance

To determine the subject vessel is fit for purpose in all respects. This will include compliance with flag, class, operating area, and charterer’s specification (contract and operation-specific requirements)

Pre-Purchase/Condition Survey

Providing financial institutions, insurers, and vessel owners in condition and value assessment of a vessel ahead of purchase with technical due diligence and pre-purchase survey.

Flag State Inspections

Authorized Flag State Inspectors on behalf of Transport Malta to carry out flag state inspection and pre-registration inspections of Maltese ships in North America.

On/Off Hire Survey

Providing condition of a particular vessel’s hull and machinery, and other equipment conditions at the given time of the inspection to determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems of a vessel

Insurance/Damage Survey

Investigating the cause, nature and extent of damage or failure, as well as providing accurate estimates of repair costs and duration to ship owners, underwriters, brokers, law firms, and other related parties.

Third Party Witness

Providing independent test witnessing services for equipment and machinery to review, witness and report on testing procedures and outcomes in order to assure that the test is carried out in a correct manner and that standards are complied with. 

Marine Surveys, Audits and Inspections by Consult Maritime

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