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Maritime HSE &
Risk Control


Our expertise in marine operations, together with our broad knowledge of risk management, safety practices, procedures and marine environmental issues provides the capability for assisting our clients in understanding and controlling their marine operations.


We understand your HSE needs and are capable of fulfilling any HSE requirement. Whether you need help completing a single task, improving a system or process, or want someone to manage HSE for your organization, we are able to develop and implement new safety management systems for your maritime workplace, or facility, or review the existing management system by determining ‘areas of improvement’ and propose workable solutions based on your needs with the aim to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the management procedures, and give you insight into the quality of the safety culture in your operation and provide specific and practical recommendations for an improved safety culture.

We can work with you to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, prepare for inspections and audits, evaluate performance and recommend improvements. We can instruct HSE staff on methods of inspection, hazard identification, assessing cause, and determining effective corrective actions. We can help organizations implement or improve safe systems of work and improve the performance and safety of any shipboard operation. 

We conduct investigations of accidents or incidents, including vessel collisions, cargo handling accidents, groundings, shipboard fire, and explosions. 


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Commercial Yachts

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