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ISM / ISPS / MLC Audits are more than a verification, they are strategic tools to assist ship operators and managers to save resources and provide powerful and effective measures to prevent risks, protecting the ship, the personnel and the environment. 

Consult Maritime performs internal ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006 audits (First Party Audit) on behalf of our customers on board their ships, we have experiences in auditing and assessing marine safety management systems, we can assist vessel manager with internal audits to ensure compliance with IMS Code, ISPS Code, and MLC 2006. Our audits are carried out as per ISO 19011:2011—Guidelines for auditing management systems.


Clause 12.4 of the ISM Code states Personnel carrying out audits should be independent of the areas being audited unless this is impracticable due to the size and the nature of the Company​.

We can attend vessels to carry out audits alone or in conjunction with a Full Safety inspection combined with review of the vessel’s documentation and operative methods, pinpoint potential threats, develop emergency plans, create maintenance schedules and training guidelines, as well as carry out on-board training to ensure compliance and assess the effectiveness of procedures implementation.


All audits are completed by issuing reports supported with photos and key operations audited, including observations, non-conformities or major nonconformities where necessary. Follow up audits for verification of corrective and preventive actions can also be performed thereby providing your organization with the confidence it needs in its operations.​

Consult Maritime LLC provides integrated technical and management services backed by arrays of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering capabilities for the commercial shipping, offshore oil & gas, recreational and legal sectors. 



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