Insure Your Vessel Against Maritime Casualties by Following a Safety Management System

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Insure Vessel Against Marine Casualties with Safety Management System
Insure Vessel Against Marine Casualties with Safety Management System

An effective safety management system allows vessel operators to be more compliant with regulations and legal requirements and to assist them to minimise injuries and occupational illness in the workplace. Businesses that take the time and energy to implement and update safety management programs, are not only able to save money on administration costs, insurance and liability costs, but it also creates an enhanced image within your company for workers, the general public clients and stakeholders.

Ocean Time Marine provides vessel owners and operators with safety management system (SMS) resources and services to improve safety culture and stay safer

Most vessel operators are familiar with formal safety and operational programs through requirements set by regulatory agencies, auditors and safety management systems. If vessel operators are not familiar or only beginning to make their operations more formal, they can begin by contacting Ocean Time Marine to begin by completing an initial consultation before moving forward on developing or enhancing the SMS.

It’s never too late to get started on making your workplace a safer environment. Good safety management starts from the top and filters its way down. Start today with a safety management template.

Create a better culture for your marine operations.

The Safety Management System templates are a powerful Safety Management solution for commercial domestic maritime operations and super yacht managers and owners. While the templates give you control of your own SMS, their focus is on providing an easy-to-use, interactive document to get you to the end of writing your SMS. The templates will guide you in documenting a safety framework for your vessel and your commercial maritime operation.

The SMS templates are designed for use in commercial fishing, shipping, fishing charter, work-boats, ferries, commercial yachts and charter yachts.