Independent Maritime Consulting



Technical governance, operation and risk assessment expertise for your assets.

Maritime Regulatory Compliance

Assisting in the design and optimization of on-board systems and equipment as well as providing the necessary support to clients and work closely with Class and Flag to agree on compliance with applicable rules and standards.

FMEA for Ships and Systems

Investigating whether the effects of single component failure, common-mode failures, or hidden failure could lead to critical situations which may jeopardize the safety of the vessel or the environment or to loss of production.

Guidelines, Specifications & Manuals

Development of technical specifications and operation manuals including guidelines, procedures, and forms, according to any given reference standard (BWMP, SEEMP, cargo securing etc..)

HSE & Risk Control

Risk management and safety practices, Safety Management System Development, Accident Investigation & Reporting, Vessel Inspections & Evaluations, Risk Analysis, Pollution risk studies.

Design & Feasibility Studies

Assessment of hull forms, vessel stability, general arrangement, propulsion, powering, performance, cargo arrangements, piping, electrical work, sea trials, and energy optimization.

Lifting Appliances Design & Testing 

Design & testing of marine and offshore lifting appliances (A-frame, cranes, etc.), and provision of all relevant manuals and procedures for marine lifting operations.

Vessel Repairs, Modification & Retrofit

Evaluation of repair specification and appraisal of the estimated cost of repair and conversion, provide steelwork calculation, monitoring the repairs and NDE examinations

Independent Maritime Consulting

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