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Non Destructive Testing

The non-destructive testing method used to inspect the metal thickness of ship hulls, piping, and structural steel for all industry sectors including oil and gas, power generation, ship hull, piping, and structural components.


Our specialist NDT services for technical supervision during construction of ships and manufacture of materials and products for vessels are backed up by years of experience from highly qualified personnel according to ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1a  standard requirements and use of cutting-edge technology. These specialist techniques can assist you in meeting the inspection challenges that arise with complex components or structures and increase the detection of defects.

By testing the integrity of your vessel components or structures with our specialist NDT services, we can help with the evaluation of the technical condition of hull constructions (visual inspection, thickness measurement, photographs), issuance of a preliminary report on board during the passage, calculation of the volume of steel to be replaced, professional assistance in the creation of repair sheets, and supervision of repairs in accordance with defect detection

We help you to avoid the time and money lost due to in-service failure or manufacturing defects in new products or structures and provide Total Quality Assurance solutions for all your thickness gauging and corrosion monitoring requirements as we can perform follow-up non-destructive testing to further investigate results.

Consult Maritime LLC provides integrated technical and management services backed by arrays of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering capabilities for the commercial shipping, offshore oil & gas, recreational and legal sectors. 



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