Maritime Consulting


Expert Witness and Forensic Engineering


Our team has extensive experience in forensic engineering and expert witness litigation, providing expert evaluation and reports deposition and courtroom testimony for all manner of marine and offshore cases

We have many years’ experience as senior seagoing engineers and ashore in the field of marine inspections and investigations to provide expert evaluations and reports from accident investigation to dispute resolutions on behalf of government, commercial or private clients.

Our team has extensive experience involved in the operation and maintenance of ship’s machinery and systems, we bring this extensive experience to bear when carrying out investigations into the failure of marine plant and hull damage claims, marine safety practices, recreational boating or vessel operation providing expert opinions for all manner of marine related cases.

We bring both common sense and scientific approach to investigate the matter and present a clear, concise report for the accident or the claim.

A surveyor may be contacted for assessing damages in claims cases, negotiating settlements, non-performance on warranties, manufacturing faults, and personal injuries providing expert witness testimony for a variety of marine litigation cases.

Consult Maritime LLC provides integrated technical and management services backed by arrays of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering capabilities for the commercial shipping, offshore oil & gas, recreational and legal sectors. 



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