Marine Surveying


Project Cargo / Heavy Lift

We plan, evaluate and perform load, stow and securing surveys for heavy lift and project cargo, general cargo, over-sized cargo or machinery, steel products, such as steel coils, bars, etc.

We consult with interested parties on the proposed load and stow, with regard to any special requirements, such as bedding, additional welded securing points or stoppers, examining the securing arrangement to ensure that lashings have been applied correctly, and the overall system complies with the requirements of the IMO Code of Safe Practices for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code), and provide detailed report of calculations; certifications; final drawings of lashing and stowage arrangements.

We combined engineering knowledge and practice to deal with specialized, heavy and oversized cargo, such as calculation of forces and required lashings, strength calculations, and analysis for overseas transport such as power generation, off-shore, mining, wind farms, and petrochemical plants.

Another activity related to the project cargo surveys is to check the seaworthiness of the vessel is suitable for transport at sea and assessment of suitable locations to ensure efficient loading.

Consult Maritime LLC provides integrated technical and management services backed by arrays of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering capabilities for the commercial shipping, offshore oil & gas, recreational and legal sectors. 



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