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Pre USCG Port State Control Inspection

Pre USCG Port State Control Inspection has the purpose of attending a possible PSC targeted ship before officers come on board to support and help you avoid possible deficiencies that may result in detention.

Whether you need support upon detention or want to prevent off-hire due to detention, we carry out Pre USCG PSC inspection services on behalf of owners, ship managers, and operators to increase awareness of areas of particular concern to improve PSC performance, saving you time and money.

Pre USCG PSC inspection scope is to prepare the vessel for a PSC inspection, accompany the PSC officers, assisting Master and Chief Engineer during their inspection, and avoid detention and any deficiencies to be written on their report. This can reduce the risk of delays and detention through improvements in operational procedures and increased crew member knowledge.

During our Pre USCG PSC inspection, we tailor an inspection and a report of the vessel to your need, highlight any detainable deficiencies or detentions to the crew and ship owners, assess and monitor the behavior expected from crew members by Port State Control officers during an inspection, identify unexpected factors that can trigger additional inspections and assist with actions have to be taken to achieve the quickest possible rectification of deficiencies and/or the release of your ship.

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