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IMCA eCMID Inspections

As Accredited Vessel Inspectors we carry out IMCA Common Marine Inspection CMID and Marine Inspections of Small Workboats MISW audits on various types and sizes of vessels, from small workboats to large supply vessels.

We can perform IMCA Common Marine Inspection CMID and Marine Inspections of Small Workboats MISW audits to determine the safety and suitability of vessels that are used to undertake offshore and subsea construction, pipe and cable laying and supply activities and to support the work of offshore contractors such as diving, offshore survey, and remote systems.

These inspections are industry standard for workboats which are used worldwide and are less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 50 meters in length and are therefore not required to have either an International Safety Management or an International Ship Security certificate.

CMID inspections carried out are planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner. From 01 January 2018, only IMCA Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI) can access the eCMID inspection report database (now called eCMID database), and IMCA will only recognize eCMID reports from the eCMID Database and from a formally Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI)  – see link below to eCMID AVIs

IMCA Accredited Vessel Inspectors–

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